Future Directions for a Māori Dental Therapy Workforce

Published online: 
02 March 2011


The aim of this research project was to collate information on the status of the Māori dental therapy workforce, and analyse the needs of this workforce over the next eight years. The premise underlying the analysis was that every Māori child and young person (0-17 years) should receive optimal oral health services. The research took into account: 0-17 year-old Māori population projections; oral health service requirements; the supply of Māori dental therapists; educational pathways to dental therapy; and the dental therapy working environment.

The policy implications arising include: DHBs holding all oral health providers accountable for Māori oral health; increasing Māori secondary school student science attainment; increasing the number of Māori in dental therapy education; exploring the provision of Māori dental therapy education by other education providers; and DHBs making working conditions more attractive to Māori dental therapists.

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    02 March 2011
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    02 March 2011
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    978-0-478-37433-9 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2010. Future Directions for a Māori Dental Therapy Workforce. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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