Foundations of Excellence: Building Infrastructure for Medical Education and Training

Published online: 
02 August 2009


In September 2008 the Medical Training Board (MTB) released a series of documents on the medical workforce and on the need to achieve integration and coordination in medical education and training. This report takes into account the feedback received on these documents and progresses the work to the next level. It focuses on what change is needed and how it could occur, and proposes a framework for the structure and governance of an integrated medical training system that builds on current arrangements.

In consultation, there was considerable support from the sector for an integrated education and training framework. The need for a smooth medical training continuum was recognised, especially covering the period between graduating from medical school and entering vocational training. As a result, although this report focuses primarily on the prevocational period, it also addresses ways to improve the coordination of education and training across the whole continuum.

The MTB makes the following recommendation:

  • that a new body is established with the capacity to coordinate medical education and training across the entire continuum of learning and govern the transition from the current system. The new body would be called Medical Education and Training New Zealand (METNZ) and would replace the MTB.

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    02 August 2009
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    978-0-478-31964-5 (Online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2009. Foundations of Excellence: Building Infrastructure for Medical Education and Training). Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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