An Exploratory Study of Pre-Commitment for Gambling in New Zealand

Published online: 
06 May 2016

Research organisation: Schottler Consulting Pty Limited
Primary contact: Dr Sarah Hare

Summary of project/aims


Pre-commitment is a method or system used by gamblers to set limits on how much time or money they spend on gambling before they start gambling. Such systems can be informal and set up by gamblers themselves (e.g leaving an EFTPOS card at home before going to a gambling venue) or formal and provided by gambling industry operators. There are formal pre-commitment systems operating in New Zealand casinos and also on the Lotteries Commission MyLotto website.


The main aim of this study was to explore the attitudes, behaviour, and knowledge of New Zealanders of pre-commitment systems in New Zealand.

Key findings

  • Many gamblers in New Zealand already used informal pre-commitment systems. Problem gamblers were more likely to use such systems, however they were also more likely to exceed their limits.
  • There was a stronger preference amongst gamblers in general for voluntary pre-commitment systems than for mandatory systems. However, problem gamblers were more likely to support mandatory systems.
  • There was low awareness amongst gamblers of existing formal pre-commitment systems provided by the TAB and the Lotteries commission.

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