Evaluation of Problem Gambling Intervention Services: Stages one and two

Published online: 
11 March 2009

Research organisation: Auckland University of Technology 
Principal researcher: Dr Maria Bellringer

Summary of project/aims

This project was contracted to address four priorities:

  • review and analysis of national service statistics and client data to inform workforce development, evaluation of Ministry systems and processes, and other aspects of this project
  • process and outcome evaluation of the effect of different pathways to problem gambling services on client outcomes and service delivery
  • process and outcome evaluation of distinct intervention services
  • process and outcome evaluation of the roll-out and implementation of Facilitation Services.

The Ministry agreed to three stages for the evaluation.

  • Stage one involved primarily a desktop analysis of national data sets for the 2007/08 financial year (CLIC and Helpline data).
  • Stage two involved key stakeholder input and further analysis of data from providers and other sources on relevant delivery from 1 January to 30 June 2008.
  • Stage three involved a review and comparative analysis of 2008/09 service delivery and national data trends (available August 2009) against initial findings.

This report covers stages one and two of the project. The stage three report is available at Evaluation of Problem Gambling Intervention Services: Stage three.

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    11 March 2009
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