District Nursing Services in New Zealand in 2010

Published online: 
30 May 2011


This report identifies 65 separate district nursing services offering a wide range of home, clinic, and community based health care services usually seven days a week. Preventing hospital admissions and enabling early discharge are the main focus of the services.

People over seventy five years of age are referred most often for care and this group is likely to grow by thirty five percent over the next ten years. The bulk of the workforce is registered nurses alongside enrolled nurses and health care assistants.

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    30 May 2011
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    02 May 2011
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    978-0-478-37459-9 (Online), 978-0-478-37462-9 (Print)
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    Ministry of Health. 2011. District Nursing Services in New Zealand in 2010. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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