Data Collection and Submission Manual

The purpose of this manual is to advise the Ministry of Health’s contracted Problem Gambling Service providers on how they should collect and submit service utilisation data into the Client Information Collection “CLIC” database.

Published online: 
10 July 2008

Section 1 provides an introduction to this manual and its context in the Problem Gambling Service.
Section 2 describes the processes, timeframes and the procedure for collecting and submitting CLIC data.
Section 3 describes how the CLIC Forms are used together to capture Clients’ CLIC data.
Section 4 describes how to complete each field on the CLIC Forms and any special considerations.
Section 5 introduces the Data Quality Report. This report is a tool to enable providers to continuously improve the quality of their data.
Section 6 maintains a history of the changes to this manual. .

Publishing information

  • Date of publication:
    10 July 2008
  • Citation:
    Published by the Ministry of Health, New Zealand © 2008, Ministry of Health, New Zealand
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    Only soft copy available to download
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