Consultation on Paying Family Carers to Provide Disability Support: Summary Report

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02 January 2012
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Between 19 September and 6 November 2012, the Ministry of Health consulted with the public on proposed options for a new policy on payment to family carers. A total of 632 submissions were received and their analysis is presented in this summary report. The submitters represented views from the disabled and carer communities, care provider organisations, advocacy groups and the medical community.

Submitters were divided on some options, for example, whether a targeted approach to paying family carers should be used. Submitters tended to favour an allowance model of payment over employment, although employment was seen as giving greater status, recognition and equity with non-family carers. Submitters favoured a case-by-case, collaborative and regular needs assessment between a NASC organisation, family carers and disabled people to cater for individual and changing needs. There was strong support for independent advocacy to protect the choice of the disabled person and external auditing to ensure quality care is provided. If trade-offs were to be necessary, submitters preferred a tiered system based on the nature and complexity of the disabled person’s support needs.

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    02 January 2012
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