Connected Health ICT Research 2009

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02 October 2009


Information communications technology (ICT) is a vital part of the Ministry of Health’s goal of developing a person-centred and provider-friendly health system. Creating an environment where clinicians and patients can safely share electronic information is an essential part of improving health care.

From 2007 to 2009, the Ministry of Health commissioned qualitative and quantitative research studies of the health sector’s ICT usage and requirements – the most extensive research of its kind undertaken in New Zealand.

The research provides establishes benchmark data of current health ICT usage and provides an understanding of the future requirements for ICT products and services from the health sector.

The links on the right are to the full Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Reports, and to the Technical Appendix of the Quantitative Market Research Report includes indepth information of the research methodology. A short information sheet about the research is also included.

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    02 October 2009
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    UMR Research. 2009. Connected Health: ICT Research 2009. Wellington: Ministry of Health
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