Code of Practice for Industrial Radiography: Draft for consultation

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05 March 2019
Draft Code of Practice for Industrial Radiography.

The Radiation Safety Act 2016 came fully into force on 7 March 2017. The Act is administered by the Ministry of Health’s Office of Radiation Safety.

The Act sets out high-level safety and security obligations in sections 9–12. There are many different types of radiation use and the requirements are often very technical. The Act therefore authorises the issuing of codes of practice to set out more detailed requirements relating to individual areas of practice. This code relates to industrial radiography and includes all uses of non-destructive testing of items of equipment and structures such as vessels, pipes, welded joints, castings and other devices to verify their physical integrity.

Section 86(2) states ‘before issuing a code of practice, the Director [for Radiation Safety] must consult any person who the Director reasonably considers is likely to be affected by the proposed code.’ The purpose of this consultation document is to consult as required by section 86(2) and promote discussion. No decisions have been made about the final content.

Consultation period is closed

Submissions closed at 12.00 pm, Friday 29 March 2019.

This consultation has now closed. Thanks for your interest.

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