Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Drinking-water Supplies in New Zealand

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19 December 2014
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The Ministry of Health recommends that the fluoride content in New Zealand drinking-water should be maintained in the range of 0.7 to 1.0mg/L for oral health reasons. This Code of Practice specifies good practice for the design and operation of water fluoridation plants to ensure fluoride is added safely and effectively to water supplies.

Water fluoridation is the adjustment of the natural content of fluoride in drinking-water to a level that helps protect teeth against tooth decay. In New Zealand, the decision to adjust the level of fluoride in water supplies is held by drinking-water suppliers (local authorities and other owners). The Ministry of Health promotes the addition of fluoride to drinking-water and has funded this publication by Water New Zealand.

The Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Drinking-water Supplies in New Zealand provides technical guidelines for treatment plant designers, operators and asset managers.

The Code of Practice specifies:

  • optimum fluoride levels for drinking-water
  • design control limits for fluoridation plants
  • minimum design and operation requirements for the safe and effective addition of fluoride chemicals to drinking-water supplies
  • monitoring and reporting requirements for fluoridation.

The Code applies to all new and upgraded water fluoridation plants after 1 January 2015 and will apply to existing fluoridation plants after 1 January 2020.  

The scope includes the New Zealand regulatory framework for fluoridation, design and control of fluoridation facilities, safety in design, requirements for plant operation, monitoring, training of personnel, occupational health and safety, security and environmental protection.

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    19 December 2014
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    Water New Zealand. 2014. Water New Zealand Code of Practice: Fluoridation of Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand. First Edition. Wellington: Water New Zealand.
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