Child Health Strategy

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02 June 1998


The Child Health Strategy was launched by the Hon Bill English, Minister of Health, on 29 July 1998. The contributing documents: the Child Health Programme Review and Our Children's Health were also released at that time. There is also a small booklet, Improving the Health of our Children, which summarises the Strategy.

The Strategy was developed through extensive consultation with the child health community in New Zealand. It reflects the child health community's views about what is needed to improve health outcomes for children/tamariki and their families and whānau in New Zealand.

The future directions outlined in the Strategy are:

  1. a greater focus on health promotion, prevention and early intervention
  2. better coordination
  3. develop a national child health information strategy
  4. child health workforce development
  5. improve child health evaluation and research
  6. leadership in child health.

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    02 June 1998
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