A Career Framework for the Health and Disability Workforce in New Zealand

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02 June 2007


This discussion document proposes a Career Framework for the health and disability sector. Development of the Career Framework has been jointly led by District Health Boards (DHBs), as part of their Future Workforce programme, and by the Ministry of Health. The draft framework presented here is based on significant input from key sector stakeholders at three regional workshops held in November 2006, and on subsequent discussion with a range of sector groups. Sector feedback has been supportive of the Career Framework concept.

The Career Framework describes the structure of and progression within the health and disability workforce with the aim of:
supporting individuals and organisations to develop careers and career pathways
informing and improving health and disability workforce planning.

The Career Framework is one of a number of initiatives that will guide workforce planning and development in the health and disability sector. Other initiatives include the Health Workforce Information Programme (HWIP), the health careers brand, and the review of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. The Career Framework will also help to align the career pathway development objectives contained within national, regional and local health and disability workforce strategies and action plans (eg, public health and mental health workforce development plans). These, together with other initiatives, provide a comprehensive set of tools supporting health and disability workforce development.

Submissions for discussion closed on 31 July 2007, the submission form is provided as a reference only

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