Cancer Projections: Incidence 2004-08 to 2014-18

Published online: 
02 January 2010


This report updates the cancer incidence projections produced by the Ministry of Health since 2002.

Overall, the risk of cancer is expected to stabilise or even decline slightly over the next decade. Nevertheless, the burden of cancer will still increase, because of the increasing size and older age structure of the New Zealand population.

Up-to-date cancer projections are useful for planning of cancer services and projecting requirements for the oncology workforce.

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    02 January 2010
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    02 January 2010
  • ISBN:
    978-0-478-33996-3 (Online)
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  • Citation:
    Ministry of Health. 2010. Cancer Projections: Incidence 2004–08 to 2014–18. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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    Only soft copy available to download
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