Cancer Among New Zealand Adolescents and Young People 1988–2002

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02 March 2006


Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity, disability and death for New Zealanders, and is a priority issue for the New Zealand health system. In 2003 the New Zealand Cancer Control Strategy was launched and in 2005 the Action Plan for 2005–2010 was published, setting objectives for implementation of the Strategy.

This paper describes the pattern of cancer incidence and survival among New Zealand adolescents and young people. It is an important paper, not only because of it's comprehensive overview, but also because it's scholarship and timeliness enables it to inform the work of the Paediatric/Adolescent subgroup of the New Zealand Cancer treatment working party. The paper utilises the International Classification of Childhood Cancer which permits direct comparison between New Zealand and published overseas data.

Dr Greg Williams undertook this work, as part of his advanced training in paediatrics, during a six-month attachment to the Ministry of Health. The content of this paper does not necessarily represent the Ministry of Health’s viewpoint, but is intended to guide policy regarding adolescent cancer treatment and prevention. The intended audience for this paper includes policy makers within the Ministry of Health and other relevant government departments, District Health Board funders and planners, and clinicians working in the field of cancer control.

Disclaimer: This document was prepared by Greg Williams while he was working as a paediatric registrar in the Ministry of Health. The copyright in this article is owned by the Crown and administered by the Ministry. The views of the author do not necessarily represent the views or policy of the New Zealand Ministry of Health, but it is an important deliverable of the Cancer Control Strategy Action Plan. The Ministry makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any liability or responsibility for use of or reliance on the contents of this document.

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    02 March 2006
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    Williams G. 2006. Cancer among New Zealand Adolescents and Young People 1988–2002: An occasional paper. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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