Auditing Requirements: Home and community support sector Standard. NZS 8158:2012

2nd edition

Published online: 
17 May 2017
Auditing Requirements: Home and community support sector Standard (2nd edn)

This publication outlines the requirements for conformity assessment bodies (CABs) that are auditing and certifying providers of home and community support services (HCSS) against the Home and Community Support Sector Standard (NZS 8158:2012).

Changes to the second edition

Page iii: A Preface has been included to outline aspects of the certification framework that will require sector consultation prior to changing.
Page 1: Inclusion of the governance structure including the role of the oversight committee, interface with the independent assessment committee and the emergent role of HealthCERT.
Page 4:. The transition period of 15 June 2017 to ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.
Page 5: Inclusion of 'experience in medication management (within an HCSS setting)' into the audit team composition.
Page 9: Introduction of the electronic database Provider Regulation Monitoring System (PRMS) to house audit reports.
Page 10: Audit types Initial certification audit and Recertification audit have been consolidated into a Certification audit.

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    17 May 2017
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    Citation: Ministry of Health. 2017. Auditing Requirements: Home and community support sector Standard (2nd edn). NZS 8158:2012. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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