2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey data tables

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12 December 2012

Selected findings presented in A Focus on Nutrition: Key findings from the 2008/09 NZ Adult Nutrition Survey and some additional results are available in Excel format. There are Excel spreadsheets for Chapters 3, 4 and 6.

Within each spreadsheet, there are separate tabs along the bottom of the spreadsheet for each population group. Simply click on the topic tab of interest and you will see tables showing the unadjusted frequency by age group and gender for the following populations:

  1. Total population
  2. Māori
  3. Pacific
  4. New Zealand European/Other
  5. Neighbourhood deprivation (NZDep2006)

Chapter 3 Nutrient intakes and dietary sources: Energy and macronutrients

Dietary sources

Chapter 4 Nutrient Intakes and Dietary Sources: Micronutrients

Dietary sources

B vitamins


Chapter 6 Dietary Habits

Eating from the four major food groups

Food preparation and cooking practices

Fast foods, drinks, confectionary

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    12 December 2012
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