Tobacco standardised packaging

Information on standardised tobacco packaging requirements.

New Zealand tobacco packets must be the same standard dark brown/green background colour as Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and France. New pictures and health warnings must be enlarged to cover at least 75% of the front of tobacco packs, and all tobacco company marketing imagery must be removed.  

Tobacco manufacturers can print a brand name and variant on their tobacco products, but the regulations standardise how these look, including where they must be on the pack, what type face and font size and colour must be used. 

Cigarettes must only be sold in packs of either 20 or 25 sticks, in standard cardboard packs and loose tobacco in pouches of 30 or 50 grams in standard rectangular soft plastic pouches. The regime is similar to that in place in Australia. 

Health warning messages and images

Health warning messages and images are required to feature on tobacco packs. There are 14 images approved in Regulations. Seven of these images will rotated each year, cand can be found here: Tobacco packaging warnings


View the regulations on the New Zealand Legislation website: Smoke-free Environments Regulations 2017 

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