Annual reporting to the VRA for manufacturers and importers, and retailers of notifiable products

Manufacturers and importers and retailers of notifiable products must keep sales records and provide annual reports and returns to the Vaping Regulatory Authority. The reports and returns will be due with the Authority by 31 January each year for the previous calendar year.

Detailed annual reporting requirements, including confirmation of the first period for which reporting is required, are set out in the regulations.

Annual Sales Return Template

Please use this template for your annual sales return for the year ending 2022. If you are a Specialist Vape Retailer you must submit one return in CSV format per AVP and one return in CSV format per AIS (if applicable). If you are a Notifier you must submit one return in CSV format. Please upload the annual return by the 31 January 2023 through your HARP portal by selecting the application “VRA Annual Return SVR” or “VRA Annual Return Notifiable Products” as applicable. Please note that UPC is not mandatory in the annual return however if the UPC of the product is known then this should be provided.

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