Vaping information for consumers

Vaping products are a less harmful alternative to smoking for people who are looking to quit the habit and become smokefree.

The Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act 2020 (the Amendment Act) commences on 11 November 2020.

The Amendment Act strikes a balance between ensuring vaping products are available for smokers who want to switch to a less harmful alternative, and ensuring these products aren’t marketed or sold to young people.

The Amendment Act does this by regulating the safety of vaping products and placing controls on the marketing, advertising, and promotion of vaping products.

Prohibitions on consumption

From 11 November 2020, vaping is prohibited:

  • inside workplaces (with limited exemptions)
  • at schools, early childhood education and care centres
  • on aircraft carrying passengers domestically for hire or reward
  • on passenger service vehicles such as buses, trains, taxis and rideshare services
  • in booking areas, passenger queuing areas, passenger waiting rooms, and passenger lounges within any enclosed travel terminal
  • in any part of a casino, restaurant or licensed premises that is not an open area

From 11 May 2021:

  • vaping products and smokeless tobacco products that contain colouring substances cannot be sold in New Zealand.

From 11 August 2021:

  • general retailers can sell vaping products and smokeless tobacco products only if they are tobacco, mint or menthol flavoured
  • Specialist vape retailers may continue to sell products of any flavour that is not expressly prohibited.

From 28 November 2021:

  • vaping is prohibited in motor vehicles carrying children.

From 11 February 2022:

  • only ‘notified’ vaping and smokeless tobacco products that meet product safety requirements will be available for purchase from retailers

Adverse reactions

If you or someone you know has experienced an adverse reaction to a vaping product, you should report it to the retailer where you bought the product, and the New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre as soon as possible.

This will help the Vaping Regulatory Authority monitor the safety of notifiable products on sale in New Zealand.

Information and resources

Information and resources about vaping can be found at:

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