Product notification

Notifying products to the Authority

Under the current proposal nearly all natural health and supplementary products will have to be notified to the Authority.  

Some products will be exempt from notification. The Bill establishes exemptions for products where the active ingredient is in a very low concentration, and for those made by a practitioner for an individual patient. Those exemptions are set out in Clause 13A of the Bill. Clause 14 of the Bill states that the Natural Health and Supplementary Products Authority  may make other exemptions where notification would be impractical or unfeasible. No other exemptions are planned at this stage.  Even where a product is exempt from notification,  any health claims made must be supported by evidence.

Registering to notify on the Natural Health and Supplementary Products (NHSP) website 

People ( product notifiers) wishing to notify products will be required to register on the Natural Health and Supplementary Products website.  Companies will be able have one or more staff members registered to use the NHSP website.  They will do so with their verified RealMe® logon which confirms their identity and ensures the integrity of the products being listed in the NHSP website.  To get your verified RealMe® account, you’ll need to apply online, then go to a PostShop to get your identity verified.  Once you’ve done this you will be ready to register online as a product notifier on the Natural Health and Supplementary Products website.

RealMe® lets New Zealanders easily and securely prove their identity online, plus access lots of online services with a single username and password. The RealMe® service is officially backed by the government to provide identity validation across all government requirements, and was created in partnership by the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post. RealMe® is built to make doing things online easy and very secure.
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