Change of pharmacy ownership/details

This information relates to a change in the licensee (that is the company or the individual) that operates the pharmacy. A new licence application and fee is required.

Change of ownership

Applications must be received at least four weeks before the change of ownership is due to occur. Please refer to the section Pharmacy ownership and control for further information.

Changing information

Once a licence is granted the Licensing Authority must be advised in writing of any change in the details that relate to the application for a Licence to Operate Pharmacy as soon as practicable.

This includes changes to the:

  • company structure, ie, shareholding changes
  • responsible persons
  • site description ie, extensions/refurbishments. Please send in a copy of the plan as a site inspection may be required.

If necessary, an amended licence will then be issued. There is no fee for amended licences. Once the amended licence is received the original licence must be sent back to Medicines Control within 7 working days.

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