Medicines control publications

Publications relating to medicine control activities in New Zealand.


  • Medicinal Cannabis Scheme.
    Published 10 July 2019
    The Ministry of Health is consulting on the proposals for the medicinal cannabis regulations needed to support the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme.
  • Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme: Consultation document.
    Published 14 December 2018
    The Ministry of Health is seeking feedback on the draft of the Therapeutic Products Bill. The purpose of the consultation document is to help you understand the draft Therapeutic Products Bill and to seek feedback on the provisions and key policy matters in the Bill.
  • Publication cover
    Published 18 November 2015
    Submissions on the Natural Health Products Regulations and Notices closed on Friday 4 March 2016. However, as the Natural Health Products Bill is yet to be passed, submissions on the Draft list of conditions about which a claim can be made and the Draft database of permitted substances remains open until 31 March 2017.
  • Published 02 November 2010
    This publication summarises feedback on the Ministry of Health's consultation document,  Consultation on Proposed Amendments to Regulations under the Medicines Act 1981, and the Government's final decisions on changes to regulations made under the Act.
  • Published 28 July 2010
    This report from Dr David Sage, former Chief Medical Officer for Auckland District Health Board, to the Minister of Health provides the outcomes of a period of consultation with the health sector on a proposal for PHARMAC to have a greater role in the assessment, prioritisation and procurement of hospital medicines and a limited range of medical devices.
  • Published 02 April 2010
    Actioning Medicines New Zealand is the action plan for Medicines New Zealand – the New Zealand medicines strategy. It is not an exhaustive list of actions, but rather shows what can and will be done to deliver Medicines New Zealand outcomes.
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