Medicinal Cannabis Agency

The Medicinal Cannabis Agency administers the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme and ensures medicinal cannabis products meet the minimum quality standard.

1 October 2021: The transition period for products that have not been verified as meeting the minimum quality standard has ended. More information about product availability

12 March 2021: A new medicinal cannabis product has been verified as meeting the minimum quality standards. - Read more.

Information for the industry

The medicinal cannabis scheme enables the commercial cultivation of cannabis for the medicinal use and the manufacture and supply of cannabis-based ingredients, starting material and medicinal cannabis products. Read more.

Licence activities

Activities related to the cultivation, manufacture or supply of medicinal cannabis products must be carried out in accordance with a medicinal cannabis licence issued by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency under the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations 2019.

The following pages outline the types of 'activity' that can be carried out by the licence holder and the people working under their authority.

Applying for a licence

This section outlines what you will need to work through to obtain a medicinal cannabis licence. This includes providing guidance to help you complete your application, set out the application process and the fee structure. Read more.

Working with cannabis

The following pages outline some of the key requirements you will need to meet when working with medicinal cannabis.

Information for consumers

Information for members of the public who may have a clinical need to access quality medicinal cannabis products. Read more.

Information for health professionals

Information for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals involved in the provision of quality medicinal cannabis products for therapeutic use by patients. Read more.

Background information

More information about the Medicinal Cannabis Agency, including a timeline of the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, key documents, and info about the stakeholder workshops. Read more.

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