Reconfiguring services or building a new premises

Health facilities must comply with the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001. For this reason, the Director-General of Health needs to be advised when reconfigurations are proposed to a certified premises or a new health premises is to be built.

Aged residential care, hospice, and maternity services must advise HealthCERT if planning is underway to:

  • change (add or remove) the number of beds
  • change (add or remove) a service
  • change the configuration of beds within the services offered
  • build a new facility or a new wing.

In these situations the provider must complete the Notification of reconfiguring services or building a new premises form (Word, 74 KB).

If you have a contract with Te Whatu Ora, please ensure that Te Whatu Ora's Portfolio Manager has been advised of the proposal. Please attach any emails or correspondence from Te Whatu Ora about the proposal.

When HealthCert receives the form it will determine:

  • the risk associated with the proposed change
  • if a partial provisional audit is required prior to occupancy.

Public and private surgical hospitals should complete the form at public hospitals and private surgical hospitals or directly contact HealthCERT.

This form is not needed for:

  • Public or private surgical hospitals making changes to services
  • residential disability services providers
  • buying or selling an aged residential care, hospice, private hospital or maternity service.

In these situations, the provider should email HealthCERT at [email protected] or call 0800 113 813.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact HealthCERT on 0800 113 813 or at [email protected].

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