Online provider forms - video tutorials and FAQ

Video tutorials

Five short tutorial videos have been produced that give instruction on a few of the basic tasks that can be carried out using the online forms.

Either push the play button to start the videos or select the Playlist button in the top left hand corner of the video window to choose a video to watch.

Frequently asked questions

1. When will I receive username and password details?

Either following an application for a new Legal Entity where you are not a current provider of services or four months in advance of the first time you need to renew your Regulatory Instrument.  If the caller is asking to make an application early (before their current certificate expires) please put the caller through to HealthCERT

2. Can you explain the new terminology used in the on-line forms?

A Legal Entity is the legal name and details of the organisation.  This includes a company (under the Companies Act), an incorporated society, a charitable trust, a, partnership, etc.

A Regulatory Instrument is a generic term used to describe a certificate or licence issued for the purposes of certification in accordance with requirements of an Act of Parliament.  In this case, a certificate under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001.

3. Why have I received an invoice before my application has been confirmed by the Ministry?

Invoices are auto generated when an application is submitted.  The invoice can be credited should the application fail to proceed. 

4. What is a HPI Number?

A Health Practitioner Index (HPI) number which uniquely identifies health professionals on a national data base used by the health and disability sector.  If you do not have the relevant HPI number while filling an online form,, leave this field blank and enter the person’s details (name, etc.) in the fields below.   More information about HPI can be found in the Health Practitioner Index section.

5. Will I receive a notification when I need to re-apply to renew a Regulatory Instrument?

The contact person nominated by your organisation will receive an email notification four months prior to the expiry of a current regulatory instrument.

6. Once I’ve applied for a new Legal Entity, what is the next step?

You will receive an email confirmation that your new legal entity has been processed.  You then need to apply for a Regulatory Instrument. You will be supplied with a username and password to log in and make you application.

7. When I update my bed numbers for an existing premises or add a service type will this result in another audit?

If a provider is adding a new service type, this will result in a requirement for an audit as the provider needs to be certified to provide services related to the new service type.  If a provider has increased their bed numbers, it depends on the scale of the change as to whether an audit is required.

8. Why hasn’t the Ministry put all provider forms into the new on-line application?

Other forms will be progressively added to the on-line forms application.  At present the following forms are available in the on-line forms application:

  • Register a new legal entity (i.e. a registered company, incorporated society or trust that intends providing health or disability services)
  • Apply for a new regulatory instrument (i.e. apply for certification)
  • Renew a regulatory instrument (i.e. apply for re-certification)
  • Add services or change premises

The following forms are available on the Ministry web-site and do not require a username or password to access them:

  • Applying to reconfigure and/or increase capacity
  • Update a legal entity
  • Notifying of an incident or other matter required under section 31
  • Reporting on an ACC Notification of Harm
  • Annual service provider declaration
  • Residential Disability – intellectual and/or physical services providers’ surveillance declaration

9. What form should I use when I want to notify the Ministry that I have changed my DAA (designated auditing agency)?

When applying or re-applying for a Regulatory Instrument, you can change the name of your DAA when completing that form.  If you wish to advise a change not associated with a Regulatory Instrument application you should email

10. What system specifications are required to use the on-line forms application?

On-line forms work as a web-based application.  This means it uses a web browser so doesn’t need special software installed.  On-line forms has been successfully tested on the following system specifications:

Operating System Windows 7
Java version Java 6
Browser Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 17.0
Document MS Word 2010

11. Who can I contact for more information?

You can phone the Ministry on 0800 113 813

There is a user guide published within the on-line forms application.

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