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Updates for health practitioners, medical referees and funeral directors on implementation of the Death Documents project.

What’s new

March 2020:

  • COVID-19 pandemic
    During the current COVID-19 pandemic it is really important for all medical and nurse practitioners to certify deaths online using Death Documents – as mentioned in this recent update.

February 2020:

  • Searching for Death Documents completed by others  
    When required you can now search for documents completed by another practitioner online. If you are a medical referee you can search for and view online documents you are required to referee.
    Note: At this stage the Permission to cremate (Form F) must still be completed on paper. Continue your usual process for this.  

October 2019:

  • Death Documents marketing
    We have started a Death Documents marketing campaign to encourage more practitioners to start using Death Documents. The campaign uses both physical and digital channels.
  • More Death Documents champions wanted
    The Ministry is still seeking champions of the Death Documents online service to represent each district health board, especially to help spread the word alongside our marketing campaign. If you are interested in becoming a champion, read more here.

September 2019:

  • More Death Documents online
    We now have over 10,000 certificates completed online and over 1,800 health practitioners around the country registered to use Death Documents.
  • New look website
    The Death Documents website has been updated to make more visually appealing, as well as being easier to use with bigger buttons and a clearer layout.
  • Updated certificates
    Certificates completed online have also been updated with a clearer layout and bolder answers to make them more scannable.
  • Improved PDF
    Improvements to the PDF allow funeral directors to copy and paste information directly from the downloaded certificates, rather than transcribing by eye. It’s now quicker, easier and more accurate to copy information onto death registrations.
  • Out in the sector
    The Death Documents stands at the 2019 GP Conferences and Medical Exhibitions in Rotorua and Christchurch were busy again with strong interest in using the online system over paper. Over 60 GPs and nurse practitioners that visited our stand created a Death Documents account on the spot and many more GPs and nurses saw a live demonstration and took away flyers and cards to share with their practice. Following each GP conference, we have seen a significant increase in the number of certificates completed online.

April 2019:

  • Notifications feature
    This feature allows funeral directors to save a search for a deceased person’s documents to get an email notification when a document that matches that search is completed online by a practitioner. Funeral directors will no longer have to log in to Death Documents multiple times a day to check if the documents have been completed.

February 2019:

  • NHI Look-ups
    Medical practitioners and nurse practitioners can now populate a deceased person's name and address details through a look-up of the National Health Index (NHI).
  • Additional security measures
    • The first time a practitioner logs on after the upgrade their details will be checked against the Health Provider Index (HPI). Their details must match those on their practising certificate.
    • Each time a practitioner (or other user) logs on to Death Documents they will need to enter a code that will be sent to their mobile phone number provided to RealMe, or if used, Google Authenticator
    • Only practitioners with a RealMe verified account will be able to look up the NHI.
    • Becoming RealMe verified is now much easier for NZ passport holders. For information on how to become RealMe verified go to the RealMe website.
  • More Death Documents online
    We now have over 3000 certificates completed online and up to 1000 health practitioners around the country registered.
  • Faster update of date of death
    We now have dates of death being updated earlier on the NHI, particularly for those practitioners with a RealMe verified account.

December 2018:

  • New video resources
    We have a great new video resource Introducing Death Documents to assist the practitioner community and Death Documents champions to introduce Death Documents and spread the word of certificate completion online in a simple, trusted and connected way.
  • Profile set-up
    Medical Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners can now use their Medical Council or Nursing Council registration number if they don't have ready access to their HPI-CPN. 
  • Funeral director access is now available
    Funeral directors can now connect, view, download a PDF or print trusted digital medical certificates and cremation forms from Death Documents.
  • More Death Documents online 
    We now have over 2000 certificates completed online and 900 health practitioners around the country registered.
  • Out in the sector
    The Ministry of Health stand at the 2018 GP Conference in Auckland and GP South Conference and Medical Exhibition in Christchurch were busy with strong interest in the new online capability.  Many GPs and nurses took away handouts to share with Practice peer groups and to encourage a hands-on look and registration at Death Documents before they need to complete their next certificates.  There was real appreciation of the time-saving inclusion of the cremation forms to avoid much of the repeated recording of information. 

July 2018:

  • Use of Death Documents growing
    Over 350 certificates completed online from 115 certifying health practitioners.
  • Communication continuing
    The project team presented to the National DHB Chief Medical Officers' Forum and the Hutt DHB Mortality Review Committee.
    Taranaki RMOs are appreciating the labour-saving approach of the Online service.
  • Consider how you might use the Welcome to Death Documents – YouTube: Ministry of Health tutorial (9 mins, 32 secs) within your orientation content for new health practitioners in your DHB or PHO.
  • Nurse practitioners now completing cremation details using Death Documents
    Nurse practitioners are now able to complete cremation forms following the recent passing of the Cremation Amendment Regulations 2018 and Death Documents has been updated to reflect that change. See News release 24.5.2018.
    Recently feedback received from one of our Nurse Practitioners here:
    • ‘I am a nurse practitioner and I have now done several death and cremation certificates online. I am finding it better than the paper version. The supporting guidance and help information is very clear and self explanatory. I will be recommending it to my colleagues.’
  • More project champions wanted
    The Ministry is still seeking champions of the Death Documents online service. Read more.

May 2018:

  • Great progress in uptake of Death Documents
    To date we have over 100 registered health practitioners and nearly 200 certificates completed online.
  • New features added
    The latest release of the Death Documents web tool includes these enhancements. You can now:
    • delete a draft document
    • amend a document you have completed.
  • Nurse practitioners can complete cremation details using Death Documents
    Following the recent passing of the Cremation Amendment Regulations 2018 nurse practitioners can now complete cremation forms as well as the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death via Death Documents. Updates to text in Death Documents to reflect this change will be made shortly. (News release 24.5.2018)
  • Call for project champions
    The Ministry is seeking champions of the Death Documents online service. Read more.

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