Source licences and fees

Section 13 of the Radiation Safety Act 2016 provides that no person may manage, control, possess or manufacture radiation sources without a source licence. These licences are issued by the Director for Radiation Safety.

Licence fees

Fees are prescribed in regulation 15 of the Radiation Safety Regulations 2016. The fees payable are payable for each location (or sub-location) from which the applicant will manage or control radiation sources under a source licence. More details can be found in the regulation. An example is given in section 15 that outlines how the licence fee is calculated for multiple locations / sub-locations. Source licences can be issued by the Director for one, two or three years.

All facilities with radiation sources are inspected by the Office of Radiation Safety at frequencies that vary depending on risk.

Passive or limited use

Under section 17(2) of the Act a source licence may also authorise the use of radiation sources if that use is passive or limited. The Director for Radiation Safety will consider all relevant factors before determining whether this provision applies. 

By way of general guidance the following criteria could be indicative of passive or limited use:

  • all use is within the scope of the authorisation contained in the source licence
  • safety can be largely ensured by facility design, equipment design and simple operating procedures
  • no medical exposures are involved
  • there are minimal training requirements in order to satisfy the fundamental requirements in the Act
  • there is a history of few problems with safety in operations.

Application forms

The application form to be used depends on the compliance monitoring category that applies to the proposed activity. These categories are explained in schedule 2 of the regulations.

The application forms are avalable below.

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