About the programme

Who is the programme for?

The Public Health Leadership Programme (PHLP) is for leaders wanting to inspire, refresh and create a powerful foundation for their leadership development.

PHLP is not designed to teach public health. Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of public health principles including an understanding of social determinants or health, inequalities in health, how culture influences health, and the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi in health.

Why choose the PHLP?

Designed for public health

PHLP has been designed to meet the leadership challenges facing public health. PHLP develops leadership competencies identified as essential for public health leaders. The programme is firmly grounded within the reality of public health. Case studies drawn from public health and practical sessions will allow for application back to work.

Leadership wisdom + practical tools = breakthrough results

PHLP explores what is at the source of powerful leadership. Participants gain transformational insights into themselves and the nature of leadership. They are equipped with practical leadership tools that make a real and lasting difference.

Relevant and applicable content

PHLP is created specifically for New Zealand public health leaders. The case studies and examples used are based on the work Quigley and Watts and Catapult have undertaken with hundreds of New Zealand leaders and organisations. This means the content will be directly applicable to participants’ work.

Leadership competencies

PHLP develops leadership competencies identified following extensive consultation with the sector.

Diagram with three areas: setting direction, personal skills and delivering results. Under setting direction is political savvy, perspective, creating the future, dealing with uncertainty. Under personal skills is ethics and values, personal integrity, self-awareness, self-management, self-belief. Under delivering results is drive for results, leading change through people, collaborative working, influencing, empowering others.

The outcome you can expect

By the end of PHLP you will:

  • understand what leadership is, and what’s expected of leaders
  • have identified what is at the source of effective and powerful leadership
  • have greater self-awareness, self-confidence and leadership wisdom
  • understand your primary leadership style and how to adapt your style to be more effective
  • have clarified your personal values and created an inspiring leadership vision
  • have explored public health values and ethical issues
  • know how to create shared purpose
  • know how to create a powerful and compelling vision and goals
  • have developed your strategic thinking abilities
  • have developed your political savvy
  • know how to lead change and align people
  • know how to inspire and motivate others
  • understand how to work collaboratively with others
  • have enhanced influencing skills
  • understand how to approach challenging conversations
  • understand and have practiced the fundamentals of coaching
  • have formed peer learning groups to support you in implementing learning
  • have undertaken a range of action learning projects to implement learning back at work
  • have a leadership development plan.
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