National Enrolment Service and primary care contacts

If you have any queries or need more information about the National Enrolment Service (NES) or other primary care projects, please get in touch with one of the key contacts below.

Contact Position Portfolio Email Phone
Andrew Inder Manager Community and Ambulance Email Andrew Inder (04) 816 3664
Gabrielle Roberts Manager Primary Care Email Gabrielle Roberts (04) 816 3548
Nemu Lallu Principal Advisor Primary Care Email Nemu Lallu (04) 496 2118
Rachael Bayliss Senior Advisor – Primary Care Zero fees for under 13’s.
Newborn enrolment with general practice
Email Rachael Bayliss (04) 816 4396
Stephen Lavery Programme Manager Primary Care Systems Integration
Technology, Data, Analytics and NES
Email Stephen Lavery (04) 816 3522
Anne Goodwin Senior Business Analyst NES Email Anne Goodwin (04) 816 2276
Joel Brown Manager Identity and Eligibility Email Joel Brown (04) 816 3687
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