National Enrolment Service

Information on the National Enrolment Service, how it is being implemented, and what this means for PHOs and general practice.

What is the National Enrolment Service?

The National Enrolment Service (NES) has been developed to provide up to date national enrolment and identity data.

The NES provides:

  • a patient register used by all general practices
  • a centralised register with real-time patient enrolment status to establish more timely payment calculations for enrolled patients
  • an up to date data set to ensure accuracy of Capitation Based Funding (CBF) calculations
  • validated NHI and up-to-date patient demographics, supporting accurate identification of patients and clinical safety
  • validated addresses using eSAM service, supporting accurate assignment of deprivation-based funding
  • processing and payment cycle reduced from 3 months to 1 month
  • health identity and enrolment web services integration with PMS, creating a seamless experience for the user when interacting with national services.

Key information

The Referenced Documents to the PHO Services Agreement V4.0 have been updated to support the use of NES as the single source of enrolment data informing CBF calculations. These documents have been endorsed by PSAAP. Enrolment requirements and forms are found at Enrolment requirements on the TAS website.

Use of health information fact sheets can be found on the link above.

Business requirements can be found at Technical documents: funding & data the TAS website.

Links to key messages and FAQs are provided below. In addition, best practice information for working with health identity data can be found on the NHI information for health providers page of the Ministry website. This information should be accessed prior to working with NES.

The following key messages and frequently asked questions have been arranged by topic and cover the range of potential questions practice staff may ask when they begin working with NES.

The Ministry has produced the slides below to provide high level information about NES. These are a useful introduction to the rationale behind NES, its benefits and purpose. This material is recommended to visitors seeking an introduction to NES. It should be noted that PSAAP has agreed to the implementation of NES as the key tool in the replacement of the current CBF process. It is important to note however, that no CBF payments will be made from NES until PSAAP has formally endorsed NES as business as usual. Refer to the key messages and frequently asked questions on this page for more information on the agreed process, and the milestones that need to be reached before this approval is given.

Implications for primary care

The NES changes the way patients are enrolled. PHOs provide ongoing support and guidance to general practices, to ensure practice staff are able to work at a level of quality that ensures the ongoing integrity of enrolment data.

The NES also changes the way general practices interact with the National Health Index (NHI). Practices will need to take steps to maintain the accuracy and quality of health identity information using the functionality available through NES. PHOs will need to support and guide practices on the processes to create and update NHIs within practice management systems. The Ministry contact centre will also be able to support practices in situations where there are significant patient identity issues.

Training material

The Ministry has developed training material to assist practices enrol patients in NES. This comprises an online learning course in health identity and a set of FAQs covering potential enrolment issues.

The training package for working with health identity data through the NES is available through the Ministry’s online learning website Learnonline.

Anyone wishing to access the course will need to register as a user with Learnonline. The course is visible as a featured course on the home page but you won’t be able to access it until after you have completed registration with the site. 

The registration link is at top right of the homepage. Once you have submitted your details you will be sent a confirmation email.

Once you have confirmed you should be able to refresh the Learnonline screen and continue on to the course. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: you will need to disable your pop-up blocker prior to accessing the course otherwise it won’t work properly. There are instructions on how to do this in the right hand column of the Learnonline homepage.

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