Primary health care publications

Publications relating to primary health care in New Zealand.


  • Published 12 September 2013
    The patient experience report presents key findings from the continuous New Zealand Health Survey 2011/12 about New Zealanders’ experiences with health care services.
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    Published 28 August 2013
    This report provides a 12-month nationally led programme of activities for regional and local implementation for 2013/14 and beyond.
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    Published 13 May 2013
    Capitation Based Funding (CBF) is the funding of primary health care based on number of registered individuals being cared for rather than individual visits like the existing fee for service style of funding. CBF is aimed at encouraging proactive health care in the community.
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    Published 13 March 2013
    This report aims to improve knowledge about the most effective ways to improve both Pacific peoples' access to and use of primary care.  The research highlights how Pacific could accesses and utilise primary health care by addressing the issues around transport, cost and language.
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    Published 02 October 2012
    The NZ Guidelines Group completed a rapidE process as part of their contract with the Ministry of Health to produce evidence-based guidance for the health sector focusing on implementation. The rapidE process looked at the available evidence on the effectiveness of health behaviour change interventions for people with long-term conditions. The rapidE process produced a suite of documents.
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    Published 25 September 2012
    The Guidance for Integrated Paediatric Palliative Care Services in New Zealand is a guide to improve the integration of palliative care service delivery to children and young people in New Zealand. A summary document has the key recommendations of the Guidance that DHB funders and planners can use as a quick reference guide.
  • Rauemi Atawhai – A guide to developing health education resources in New Zealand
    Published 05 June 2012
    Rauemi Atawhai – A guide to developing health education resources in New Zealand has been developed to help the Ministry of Health and its contractors produce effective and appropriate health education resources that meet the needs of the intended audience, are easy to understand, and support improved health literacy.
  • Improving the System: Meeting the Challenge.
    Published 23 April 2012
    The Improving Patient Flow Toolkit has been developed in collaboration with a sector based working group, and comprises ten improvement strategies that when implemented, will assist Distict Health Boards to reduce waiting times, improve access and quality of elective services. 
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    Published 13 March 2012
    The New Zealand Primary Care Handbook 2012 provides summary guidance from a collection of guidelines and is intended as a convenient reference for health professionals. This edition includes new content on the management of type 2 diabetes, weight management, stroke and transient ischaemic attack, heart failure and rheumatic fever.
  • Published 02 August 2011
    Summary What is Advance Care Planning?
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