About primary health organisations

Primary health organisations (PHOs) ensure the provision of essential primary health care services, mostly through general practices, to people who are enrolled with the PHO. PHOs are funded by district health boards (DHBs), who focus on the health of their population.

There are currently 31 separate PHOs. Some of the larger PHOs, such as Midlands Health Network, are divided regionally for funding purposes.  PHOs are key partners to the System Level Measures framework which aims to improve health outcomes for people by supporting DHBs to work in collaboration with health system partners (primary, community and hospital) using quality improvement measures.

A PHO provides primary health services either directly or through its contracted providers. The services provided aim to improve and maintain the health of the enrolled PHO population, ensuring that general practice services are connected with other health services to ensure a seamless continuum of care.

Contact details

PHO contact details (xls, 36 KB) – as at 8 November 2018.

DHB contract with PHOs

The TAS website contains PHO contractual information, including the PHO Service Agreement and associated documents.

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