Tobacco control publications

Publications relating to tobacco control and smokefree law in New Zealand.


  • Published 02 February 2009
    This document sets out a framework for implementing the ABC approach for smoking cessation.
  • Published 02 September 2008
    Mainstream Smoke Emissions from 'Roll-Your-Own' Loose Leaf Tobacco Sold in New Zealand analyses the smoke emissions from several ‘regular’ and ’mild’ brands of loose (Roll-Your-Own) tobacco available in New Zealand and one manufactured cigarette.
  • Published 02 May 2008
    Smoking is a leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in New Zealand and is a major contributor to health inequalities. The need for collecting accurate and consistent information on the prevalence of smoking is important in order to describe and monitor the burden of tobacco use in the New Zealand population along with responses to a changing tobacco control environment.
  • Published 02 August 2007
    These competencies have been developed to advance the overall goal of improving and enhancing the quality and consistency of smoking cessation support given in New Zealand.
  • Published 02 June 2007
    The New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey (NZTUS) is the first nationally representative survey of tobacco use to be conducted in New Zealand. It is comprehensive, providing accurate and robust estimates of prevalence and smoking behaviour. The NZTUS is an essential part of the New Zealand Health Monitor and contributes vital information for the monitoring of tobacco use, consumption, behaviours and attitudes in New Zealand.
  • Published 02 May 2007
    This review aimed to identify the most recent scientific evidence for the effectiveness of major population-level tobacco control interventions and to consider the findings and their implications in a New Zealand context.
  • Published 02 January 2007
    These recommendations are made by the authors of ‘After the Smoke has Cleared: Evaluation of the Impact of a New Smokefree Law’ which was commissioned by the Ministry of Health and evaluated the impact of the Smokefree Environments Amendment Act 2003.
  • Published 02 January 2007
    This document is the Ministry of Health’s response to recommendations made in 'After the Smoke has Cleared: Evaluation of the Impact of a New Smokefree Law - Outstanding issues and recommendations for policy and research' by the authors of ‘After the Smoke has Cleared: Evaluation of the Impact of a New Smokefree Law’.
  • Published 02 December 2006
    This report details an evaluation of the process and outcomes of the sections of the 2003 Smoke-free Environments Amendment Act relating to the extension of smokefree workplace from the provisions of the Smoke-free Environments Act (1990). Excluded is an evaluation of the impact of the SEAA (2003) on schools and early childhood centres. The report looks at changing attitudes towards smokefree policies, secondhand smoke exposure, health impacts, smoking prevalence and behaviours and economic impacts.
  • Published 02 December 2005
    A first anniversary report assessing impacts of the Smoke-free Environments Amendment Act (2003) has found strong public support, increasing patronage trends in bars, and no significant economic impacts for hospitality venues overall. The law introduced smoking bans for all indoor workplaces and hospitality venues from 10 December 2004, to help protect all New Zealanders from the harmful health effects of second-hand smoke exposure.
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