Updates from the Gender affirming (genital) surgery service

Monthly update on current referrals and the waiting list.

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May 2022 update

Current status

As at 31 May 2022, there were 354 referrals for a first specialist assessment on the Active list for the Service. 59 out of the 354 referrals have had their first specialist assessment. Following delays due to COVID-19, five surgeries were performed in 2020, ten surgeries performed in 2021 with two surgeries completed in 2022.

Wrap around health and wellbeing support for the Service

Interim Health New Zealand is working closely with the service provider to improve service delivery, with increased provision of wrap around services. The wrap around services will include the establishment of several new roles to provide more intensive health and wellbeing support for patients on the waiting list for an FSA and/or preparing for surgery. The first support role being recruited for, is a gender surgery health navigator, which will be advertised in July 2022.

New referrals to the Service

The chart below sets out the number of new referrals received by quarter between January 2013 and 31 March 2022. Overall, 76 percent of the referrals are for feminising surgery and 24 percent are for masculinising surgery. The number of people referred to the waitlist increased by over 160 percent between October 2018 and 30 September 2020.

Number of referrals for assessment for Gender Affirming (Genital) Surgery by quarter to 31 March 2022.

Prioritisation of referrals

We are currently giving priority for a first specialist assessment (FSA) to referrals of the longest wait patients.

Previous updates from the last year

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