Green Prescription patient survey

GRx Patient Survey background

SPARC managed the GRx initiative until June 2009, when it was transferred to the Ministry of Health. Prior to June 2009, SPARC carried out 6-monthly patient surveys up to 2000 (using CAPI Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews), and carried out annual surveys from 2001 to 2009 (using self-completion surveys). The Ministry of Health conducted its first patient survey in May 2010.

Some of the key questions explored in these surveys are:

  • Main health reasons why doctors prescribe a GRx to their patients
  • What physical activities are prescribed by GPs
  • Have patients noticed any health changes and if so, what changes
  • What is the current status of their GRx – are they still active after 6–8 months
  • How much time do patients now spend doing physical activity
  • How many days a week are patients doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity
  • Have patients made any changes to their diet
  • What activities were suggested by the patient support person
  • What was their opinion about the service received
  • Did they take up the activities suggested by the patient support person
  • Were they satisfied with the overall level of patient support service
  • Who are they active with (eg, partner, family, children, friends).

Patient survey reports

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