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Ministry of Health publications on oral health.


  • Guidelines for the Use of Fluorides cover image
    Published 02 November 2009
    The "Guidelines for the Use of Fluorides" provide an evidence-based summary of current New Zealand and overseas evidence to inform best practice in the use of fluoride.
  • Published 02 August 2009
    Common sense tells us that the health and habits of mothers are important indicators for the wellbeing of their babies. This report looks at the evidence for pre and post-natal factors that affect the future oral health of children.
  • Published 02 February 2008
    This toolkit is a practical guide for the design, delivery and evaluation of programmes that promote oral health. It work through the steps involved in developing a comprehensive oral health promotion programme, from understanding the strategic context through to researching and selecting interventions, analysing resources, planning implementation and utlimately, evaluating the final programme.
  • Published 02 February 2008
    The key objective of this early childhood oral health toolkit is to suggest a strategy to improve early childhood oral health by identifying children at greatest risk early and targeting finite resources to children at highest need. This toolkit supports increasing the preventive focus for child oral health.
  • ood Oral Health for All for Life cover image
    Published 02 August 2006
    New Zealand has reached a turning point for oral health. Several decades of dramatic improvements in the oral health of young people have begun to reverse. Inequalities in oral health and in access to oral health services have become increasingly evident, with Māori, Pacific, rural and low socioeconomic populations all showing progressively poorer oral health relative to other groups.
  • Published 02 August 2006
    The Government has announced a commitment to improving oral health services for children and adolescents. New funding is to be made available to District Health Boards to rebuild oral health services and facilities. This investment is expected to lead to improved services and ultimately to improvements in oral health, especially for those who have the greatest need.
  • Published 02 May 2006
    Improving oral health is one of the 13 priority areas of the New Zealand Health Strategy. ‘Re-establishing a nationwide dental health system for children and adolescents’ has been one of government’s key strategies in achieving this.
  • Published 01 May 2006
    Unacceptable inequalities exist in the oral health of New Zealand children, especially among Māori, Pacific and those children from low socioeconomic status (SES) families. The Public Health Advisory Committee report to the Minister of Health - 'Improving Child Oral Health and Reducing Child Oral Health Inequalities' described significant child oral health inequalities, and recommended that the Ministry of Health evaluate and monitor mainstream oral health services for their impact on Maori oral health.
  • Published 02 September 2000
    A literature review of the risk of possible harmful effects from water fluoridation was commissioned from ESR. The ESR review concludes that there was no persuasive evidence of harmful effects from optimal water fluoridation (between 0.7 and 1.0 ppm), and the evidence has strengthened that there are no serious health risks associated with water fluoridation.
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