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Updates relating to immunisation in New Zealand.

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Previous updates


31 March 2022: Immunisation Update – Influenza 2022, COVID-19, Catch up on other vaccine preventable diseases, Hui, Enrolled nurses as full vaccinator, Good news and bright ideas.

21 February 2022: Immunisation Update – COVID-19 vaccine roll out for 5-11 year olds, Crucial – right vaccine, right age group, COVID-19 boosters, Temporary Medical Exemptions, Measles campaign restart, Influenza 2022, Update on yellow fever authorisation renewal requirements, Provisional Vaccinator Course Reopens, Good news and Bright ideas.


13 December 2021: Measles campaign restart, provisional vaccinator course and influenza vaccine refund

14 October 2021: Immunisation Update - Concomitant administration of vaccines, Vaccinator Assessment, Māori Influenza and Measles Vaccination Programme (MIMVP), Reminder about the 2020 childhood immunisation schedule change

14 September 2021: Immunisation update - Online CPR training, Childhood immunisations and wearing PPE in Alert Level 4, Administering immunisations in carparks, Updated HepB consent form

10 August 2021: Immunisation update - Maintaining and catching up on childhood immunisations, HPV recalls, Provisional vaccinator authorisation, Making sure everyone who needs an influenza vaccine can have one, Reimbursement arrangements extended for employee influenza vaccinations

8 July 2021: Immunisation update - Meningococcal B vaccine funded for close contacts, COVID-19 cold chain, Influenza campaign updates, Childhood immunisation data – impact of 2020 schedule changes, Helping protect our Pacific neighbours from COVID-19

4 June 2021: Immunisation update - Influenza vaccines, Administering the influenza and COVID-19 vaccines, Protecting health workers from flu – funding and reimbursements, National Immunisations Register entries by pharmacies, and more

5 May 2021: Immunisation update - Great start to the influenza campaign, Protecting against measles during the COVID-19 roll-out, Updated vaccinator training and processes

1 April 2021: Managing multiple immunisation programmes, Influenza 2021, New Handbook chapter – COVID-19 vaccines (Word, 252 KB) 

4 February 2021: Influenza 2021, Measles Immunisation Campaign, Boostrix at ages 45 and 65, Authorised Vaccinators, Handbook corrections (Word, 245 KB)


18 November 2020: Childhood immunisation rates, planning for COVID-19 immunisation, National Immunisation Solution, Pharmacist administration of HPV and MMR vaccine, Measles immunisation campaign, MenACWY and Zoster catch up (Word, 242 KB)

30 September 2020: National Immunisation Schedule Change, Medtech PMS, New Handbook, ADT Booster, Impact of COVID-19, meningococcal vaccine (Word, 249 KB)

31 August 2020: Influenza vaccine expiry, National Immunisation Schedule Change, Handbook, New resources, Reporting and Qlik access, Whakamaua: Māori Health Action Plan (Word, 237 KB)

23 July 2020: Campaign to improve measles immunity, Timely childhood immunisation, Influenza, Pneumovax23, National Immunisation Schedule Change 1 July 2020 (Word, 230 KB)

12 June 2020: National Immunisation Schedule Change 1 July 2020, Immunisation promotion, Influenza vaccine eligibility (Word, 235 KB)

21 May 2020: Northern Hemisphere influenza vaccine, Varilrix, Hepatitis B, Boostrix Singles, Gardasil 9 labels (Word, 247 KB)

3 April 2020: Influenza vaccine (Word 229 KB)

17 March 2020: Influenza timing and prioritisation, zoster, MMR, meningococcal vaccines (Word 193 KB)

13 February 2020: BCG Vaccine and Vaccinator Authorisation, Updated Tuberculosis Publications, Measles Update (Word, 191 KB)


27 November 2019: Meningococcal vaccination and updates on measles travel advice (Word, 191 KB)

12 August 2019: Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule, Influenza vaccine supply, Measles update, IMAC conference, Meningococcal update, Ministerial Delegation change (Word, 193 KB)

11 June 2019: Influenza vaccine supply, Measles, Proposed changes to the National Immunisation Schedule, Addressing vaccine hesitancy, Influenza surveillance, IMAC conference (Word, 196 KB)

12 April 2019: Influenza, Shingles vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Measles, FluTracking (Word, 190KB)

15 March 2019: Influenza start date and resources, measles outbreak and national advice (Word, 189 KB)

6 March 2019: Influenza start date and resources, Zoster, Measles, Meningococcal vaccine, HPV vaccine, Immunisation promotion, Recording on the NIR (Word, 191 KB)


27 November 2018: HPV vaccine supplies, Cold Chain, Vaccine errors, Influenza Programme, Meningococcal cases, Changes to antibiotic treatment for meningococcal (Word 193 KB)

11 October 2018: HPV vaccine supplies, Year 7/8 recalls, Medtech update, Hepatitis B, Influenza, MMR vaccine safety, Health Professionals survey (Word 193 KB)

15 August 2018: Influenza, Shingles, Faulty vaccines in China, BCG vaccine availability, Hepatitis B, HPV supply, Syringe leak issue, MMR vaccine safety (Word 189 KB)

28 June 2018: Childhood immunisation rates, influenza vaccine, shingles vaccine, Immunisation Benefit payments, BCG availability, 2018 Immunisation Workshop, cold chain audit (Word 188 KB)

25 May 2018: Gardasil 9 supplies, Shingles vaccine, Rotavirus intussusception, Influenza surveillance, Outbreaks (Word 189 KB)

24 April 2018: Influenza, IMAC resources, Gardasil 9 supplies, NIR and PMS changes, NIR notifications, Outbreaks, Vulnerable Children Act deadline (Word 189 KB)

14 March 2018: Gardasil 9 supply, influenza, zoster vaccine, NIR and PMS changes, Handbook update (Word 188 KB)

12 February 2018: Coverage update, Influenza, Zoster, HBVaxPro, Whooping Cough, Mumps (Word 187 KB)


12 December 2017: Coverage update, Gardasil 9 supplies now available, Hepatitis B Adult vaccine, Influenza, Zoster, Rubella, Pertussis, Mumps (Word 186 KB)

31 October 2017: Coverage update, Gardasil 9 supplies postponed to General Practices, Hepatitis B vaccine, Mumps, Pertussis (Word 186 KB)

4 September 2017: Coverage update, Schedule Changes, Influenza, Syringe leakage, HBVaxPro supply, Mumps, New video (Word 185 KB)

31 July 2017: Coverage update, Immunisation Schedule Change, Mumps, Influenza (Word, 188KB)

27 June 2017: Coverage update, National Immunisation Schedule changes, Recording influenza, Cold Chain Record, Rheumatic Fever (Word, 185 KB)

2 June 2017: Coverage update, Immunisation Handbook, Changes to Immunisation Schedule, Immunisation for older children and teens (Word, 220 KB)

13 April 2017: Coverage update, Immunisation Week, Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule, Vaccinator Training, Influenza, National Cold Chain Standards, Other communicable diseases, Bowel Screening (Word, 184 KB)

1 March 2017:  Coverage update, Entering HPV vaccines in your PMS, Proposal for pharmacists to provide funded vaccines, Influenza, Measles and mumps (Word, 190 KB), (pdf, 190 KB)


16 December 2016: Coverage Update, Cold Chain, 2017 Schedule Changes, Infectious Disease Legislation (Word, 183 KB)

26 September 2016: Coverage update, Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule, Measles update, insulation referral (Word, 183 KB)

15 August 2016: Coverage update, Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule, Pneumococcal recalls, Adult vaccines on the NIR, Influenza programme (Word, 182 KB)

11 July 2016: Extension of the 2016 influenza programme (Word, 181 KB)

24 June 2016: Coverage update, Influenza, Immunisation Handbook, Yellow Fever, BCG, Pregnancy and HPV immunisation, PMS Update, Measles (Word, 182 KB)

26 May 2016: Measles catch up immunisation for those aged 10-29 (Word, 179 KB)

28 April 2016: Coverage update, Rotavirus, 5 year olds, NIR address fields, Boostrix indicator, Immunisation Week, Measles, Rheumatic fever, Vulnerable Children’s Act (Word, 182 KB)

4 March 2016: 2016 funded influenza vaccine availability, NIR changes (Word, 183 KB)

12 February 2016: Coverage update, Let’s talk about immunisation, Influenza, NIR Notifications (Word, 186 KB)


4 December 2015: 2015 Workforce Influenza Immunisation Coverage Rates by District Health Boards (Word, 196 KB)

20 November 2015: Coverage Update, Immunisation during Pregnancy, HPV, Yellow Fever, Measles, Survey – care for youth with mental health issues (Word, 193 KB)

9 October 2015: Coverage Update, Immunisation Conference, Newborn Enrolment, Overseas-born Children, Recording Declines, HPV Programme – GP Actions, Immunisation for Pregnant Women, Measles Immunisation, Influenza (Word, 1105 KB)

21 August 2015: Coverage update, Influenza kits, Measles catch up, Whooping cough, Reducing needle distress (Word, 501 KB)

6 July 2015: Coverage update, Rotavirus, Influenza, Zostavax, NIR workshops, Support for Former Sawmill Workers, MERS (Word, 189 KB)

5 June 2015: Coverage update, Measles, Rotavirus vaccine, Influenza, Infanrix-IPV packaging change, Immunisation Record stickers, JABBED documentary (Word, 249 KB)

1 May 2015: Coverage update, Influenza vaccine, Influenza B, Prevenar 13, BCG and Hepatitis B resources, Rheumatic Fever campaign (Word, 212 KB)

26 March 2015: First shipment of funded influenza vaccine being sent to providers (Word, 190 KB)

24 March 2015: 2015 Influenza Immunisation Programme update (Word, 192 KB)

27 February 2015: Coverage update, Influenza, Immunisation Week, Measles, Varicella vaccine errors, Cold chain review, Infanrix IPV pack change (Word, 190 KB)

5 February 2015: Coverage update, Intussusception, Influenza (Word, 194 KB)


5 December 2014: Coverage update, PMS/NIR issues, ADT Booster shortage, WCTO stickers, Ebola, Holiday Immunisations (Word, 209 KB) 

21 November 2014: 2014 Workforce Influenza Immunisation Coverage Rates by District Health Board (Word, 6.9 MB)

3 October 2014: Coverage Update, BCG, ADT vaccine shortage, Synflorix to Prevenar 13, Infanrix-IPV packaging, Meningitec Recall, Measles, Ebola (Word, 198 KB)

2 September 2014: Coverage Update, Enrolment of newborns, New immunisation resources, BCG vaccine, ADT vaccine shortage, Influenza, Four year old recalls (Word, 312 KB)

29 July 2014: Measles, Coverage update, Transition to Prevenar 13, Influenza, Error messages for MMR claims processing resolved (Word, 189 KB)

30 June 2014: Coverage update, Measles Update, Schedule Changes NIR/PMS changes, RotaTeq catch-up, Ordering the new vaccines, Errata in Immunisation Handbook 2014, New Resources, Changes to serology testing (Word, 192 KB)

5 June 2014: Target update, Rotavirus, Transition to Prevenar 13, Changes to targeted (high risk) programmes for special groups, Ordering the new vaccines, Immunisation Handbook 2014, Updated resources, NIR and PMS changes, Vaccinator Schedule Updates, Changes to serology testing, Seasonal influenza programme, Measles, Rheumatic fever campaign (Word, 335 KB)

5 May 2014: Reaching all children, Immunisation Handbook 2014, BCG vaccine shortage, recording influenza vaccine on the NIR update, measles update, Immunisation Schedule change, RotaTeq® catch-up, Newborn enrolment (Word, 470 KB)

7 April: National Immunisation Schedule Changes 2014, Rotavirus vaccine, Extended Access for High Risk Groups, Vaccinator Training, Immunisation Week, Measles, Influenza vaccine on the NIR, Managing Cold Chain Failures (Word, 230 KB)

28 February: Immunisation targets, 2014 Seasonal Influenza Programme, Influenza on the NIR, Varicella vaccine shortage, Measles, Cold chain, Adverse events reporting, Pertussis update, Lead levels in face paint (Word, 186 KB)

31 January: Be alert to measles, Meningococcal Update, Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Programme, National Immunisation Schedule Changes, Pertussis Update (Word, 186 KB)


29 November: Fax to GPs – OxyElite supplements, Newborn enrolment, Immunisation Week 2014, Changes to Immunisation Schedule, MERS-CoV, Pertussis and Meningococcal updates (PDF, 306 KB)

25 October: Fax to GPs – Possible link between OxyElite Pro and acute non-viral hepatitis, Catch-up immunisation for 16 and 17 year-olds, Reminder about immunisations for travellers, Pertussis (Whooping cough) Update, Meningococcal Disease Update, Electronic recording of Tdap information onto the NIR and In the Loop Revision (Word, 247 KB)

16 October: 2013 Workforce Influenza Immunisation Coverage Rates by District Health Board (Word, 116 KB)

26 September: Updates have been sent to GPs on Newborn enrolment with general practice, Pertussis, Meningococcal disease, Novel coronavirus Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) (Word, 233 KB)

23 August: Updates have been sent to GPs on Influenza A(H7N9) Notification, Vaccine Returns, Reimbursement and Rates; Claiming for children who are re-immunised following chemotherapy; Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Update; MERS-CoV Update; Infant formula recall

15 July: Fax to GPs – Influenza programme, Boostrix vaccine use during pregnancy, Pertussis surveillance, Enrolling newborn babies at birth and Requesting immunisation records from Australia (Word, 231 KB)

24 May:  –  Fax to GPs – Immunisation week. Influenza Immunisation Programme, Meningococcal Disease, Vaccinations for Travellers, IMAC Conference, Pharmaceutical vaccine refrigerators, Whooping Cough update (PDF, 132 KB)

18 Apr: Fax to GPs – Whooping cough update; Influenza programme update; Meningococcal disease; Infant immunisation audience research; Immunisation Week 2013 (PDF, 133 KB)

18 Apr: Latest national and DHB immunisation data published.

21 Mar: Fax to GPs – Eligibility changes to funded influenza vaccine – young children with respiratory illness, Co-administration of influenza vaccine and Pneumovax 23 (PDF, 73 KB)

11 Mar: Fax to GPs – Flu immunisation programme; Cold chain policy; Whooping cough; Infant immunisation programme; Assisted funding for patients; Newborn enrolment; New Zealand Immunisation Conference 2013; Childhood obesity survey (PDF, 285 KB)

1 Feb: Fax to GPs – Influenza Programme 2013, pertussis, vaccine package changes - Boostrix and Infanrix-IPV, E-learning update, childhood obesity survey, typhoid vaccine, primary vaccinations (PDF, 148 KB)

10 Jan: Fax to GPs – Immunisation e-learning tool (PDF, 128 KB)


20 Dec: Fax to GPs – Free pertussis vaccination for pregnant women, 2013 flu programme, IMAC holiday hours (pdf, 75 KB)

10 Dec: Fax to GPs – Patient Precall, Pertussis Outbreak, Prescription Charges, Ordering, Prevenar 13, Cold Chain Management Guide, Year Seven and Eight Consent Forms, Infectious and Notifiable Diseases Order 2012 (pdf, 31 KB)

20 Nov: 2012 Workforce Immunisation coverage rates by DHB (pdf, 176 KB)

5 Nov: Fax to GPs – Pertussis reminder and Boostrix update, Meningococcal disease update, Manual claim forms, Pneumococcal vaccine on NIR, Vaccine packaging change, Cold Chain Tag Alert monitors, Tdap/Td, Age eligibility (PDF, 139 KB)

1 Oct: Fax to GPs – Vaccine Storage, 2012 Health Target, Hajj Pilgrims, Newborn Enrolment tool kit, Flu Claims (PDF, 36.45 KB)

6 Sep: Fax to GPs – Meningococcal disease, Preliminary newborn enrolments, Whooping Cough Resources, Azithromycin advice, Measles, Influenza, Claim Form (PDF, 128 KB)

25 July: Fax Extension of 2012 Influenza Immunisation Programme, Health Target, Prevenar 13 eligibility, BCG Vaccine, Measles Update, Whooping Cough

25 June: Fax to GPs – BCG Recall, Immunisation Health Target, Pertussis immunisation and advice, Azithromycin dosage, Flu Update, Pharmac purchase of vaccines, Measles update (PDF, 121 KB)

31 May: Fax to GPs – Immunisation target; Immunisation week: Pertussis; Meningococcal Disease; Flu Programme; Act-HIB pack (PDF, 33 KB)

4 May: Fax to GPs – National Health Target – 95% of all two-year-old children will be fully immunised by 30 June 2012 (PDF, 116 KB)

20 Apr: Fax to GPs –  Immunisation Health Target, Immunisation Week, Pertussis, Meningococcal disease, Cold Chain, PVC, Influenza (PDF, 691 KB)

14 Feb: Fax to GPs – Pertussis recommendations, measles update, Infanrix hexa package change, 2012 Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Programme to start, Pneumovax 23 reminder, Menomune vaccine eligibility, flu vaccine order form (PDF, 1.4 MB)

30 Jan: Pharmacist vaccinators – Some pharmacists will be able to offer privately purchased influenza immunisations.

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