Centre for Rural Health reports

During its existence the Centre for Rural Health published a number of reports on rural health related topics, which remain available on this website.


The Centre for Rural Health was established late 1994. It was funded initially by the Southern Regional Health Authority, then the Health Funding Authority and finally by the Ministry of Health for a series of projects to support rural health services and community involvement. It was also known as the National Centre for Rural Health. The Centre closed in late 2002, with final publications being completed in 2003 and made available online.

As the Centre closed at the end of 2002, it is not possible for these reports and resources to be updated on an ongoing basis. Each document gives details of the month and year of its publication, and your careful reading will enable you to distinguish between contemporary and continuing relevance.

Although copies of these documents have been deposited with the National Library of New Zealand, and the Ministry of Health Library, the Centre intended that they are made available indefinitely in electronic form. Except for some of the final documents published in 2003, most reports and resources were widely distributed as bound documents. Please note that as a consistent pagination protocol was adopted when they were uploaded, page numbers in the electronic version may differ from earlier hard copy versions. We therefore advise that you reference the electronic version.


Success factors for rural health services and community participation

Rural teamwork

Development of rural nurses and nursing

Resources for new or locum rural practitioners

Rural workforce reports

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