Health needs

Individuals with refugee status in New Zealand are eligible for publicly funded health services.

Excerpt from the Health and Disability Services Eligibility Direction 2011 (page 6):

B10 Refugee

A person is eligible to receive services funded under the Act if the person is—

  1. recognised as a refugee under the Immigration Act 2009; or
  2. in the process of having a claim for recognition as a refugee determined by a refugee and protection officer; or
  3. in the process of having an appeal for recognition as a refugee determined by the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

In this section

  • Information on the physical health needs of migrants and refugees, including assessment for immunisations, resources on female genital mutilation, and reports on the health needs of various ethnicities. Read more
  • Resources for health practitioners working in refugee mental health, including the Refugee Health Care handbook and links to other guides and research. Read more
  • Public health resources on refugee health status, including the Auckland Regional Public Health Service’s website and links to other useful publications. Read more
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