Preparing an application: tips

We have provided some instructions and tips on how to prepare an application.

Please ensure you are eligible and have read the applicant guidelines first.

Application login

You will need to provide a current email address to register for the applications. Once you have registered you will receive an automatically generated email with the link to your application. Please save this email as you will need it to continue working on your application until you submit it. If you need to update your email address, please contact Note: only one email can be used for an application at a time.

Application structure

The application consists of 11 sections. Each section is related to either personal information, course details and tuition fees, socio economic status, referees, and your commitment, experience and understanding of Pacific health and disability.

Application presentation is VERY IMPORTANT

  • Type rather than hand write your application (so it can be easily read by the assessment panel).
  • When documents are requested in a section, only attach the documents relevant to that section.
  • Proof read your application before submitting and check for spelling and grammar errors.    
  • Ensure you have read all questions carefully as questions are subject to change each year.

Before you apply be prepared! Ensure you have the following documents ready for your application.

  • Proof of identity (passport, driver’s license or birth certificate).
  • Scanned copy/s of all your qualifications, awards and honours received (including any academic or community service, cultural or sports awards).
  • Scanned copy of confirmation of tuition fees signed by an authorised staff member at your learning institution and/or relevant receipts. (This is a compulsory requirement and must be attached to your application)
    Download the confirmation of tuition fees form (Word, 50 KB)
  • Written references and confirmation from your referee/s that they are happy to be contacted.

Selecting your Referees

  • You must provide the name and full contact details of at least one referee who knows you well and can provide the kind of information that the Assessment Panel may need.
  • At least one of your referees must be able to certify your Pacific family and/or cultural links section.
  • This person must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident of indigenous Pacific descent but cannot be your sibling, spouse or parent.  Examples of people who would be acceptable include: your church minister, pastor or reverend, a lecturer or tutor, justice of the peace or solicitor who knows you and your family well.
  • Other referees, for example tutors or employers who can provide information about your character or work ethic, need to know you well but do not need to be of Pacific descent.  
  • We expect your referee/s to provide a written reference about you.
  • It is important to let your referee/s know you’re including them in your application and check that they are happy to be contacted.


We anticipate receiving hundreds of applications, so please ensure you submit the best application possible. To assist you in your application, please refer to the following checklist which is based on applicant’s common errors.

Have you:

  • attached all compulsory documents
  • completed all required sections of the application
  • read and understood the application questions clearly and provided relevant answers
  • answered all applicable questions
  • provided your full and correct contact details
  • signed the Declaration/Certificate of Accuracy, electronically signing this section (typing in your name and a date) is accepted
  • submitted your application online or emailed to before the closing date.
  • Allocate enough time to complete your application. A good application takes time and effort, set aside an hour with no distractions to complete the form (it may take you less time or more depending on how prepared you are). 

If you have questions you can email

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