Pacific health resources


  • Published 02 December 2004
    Development of the Pacific Health and Disability Workforce Development Plan completes one of the Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan’s action points under priority four ‘provider and workforce development’.
  • Published 02 September 2004
    The Tupu Ola Moui: Pacific Health Chart Book 2004, is the first comprehensive review of Pacific health since the Public Health Commission carried out such an assessment in 1996. The report provides a stocktake of the health needs of the Pacific population. The report includes information on health outcomes, health service utilisation, risk factors, socioeconomic determinants of health and demographics.
  • Published 02 February 2002
    The Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan (the Action Plan) sets out the strategic direction and actions for improving health outcomes for Pacific peoples and reducing inequalities between Pacific and non-Pacific peoples. It is directed at the health and disability service sectors and Pacific communities, and aims to provide and promote affordable, effective and responsive health and disability services for all New Zealanders.
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