Pacific Community Health Fund

There is now annual funding available to support Pacific community organisations to create and put into action their own ideas to contribute towards the achievement of better health outcomes for Pacific peoples and their communities.

Key info

Status of the fund: Closed

Close date: 5pm 19 July 2021

About the Fund


To provide Pacific communities the opportunity to set and achieve their own wellbeing goals and aspirations.


The primary outcomes for initiatives that the Ministry seeks to invest in will be based on priority areas from within Goal 3 (Resilient and Healthy Pacific peoples) of the Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou report.

Pacific community organisations will need to clearly show their initiative/s align to at least one (or more) of the following priorities:

  1. improve preventative and integrated primary and behavioural health and social services
  2. ensure Pacific values inform the design of health services
  3. provide better support for Pacific peoples with disability and their families
  4. deliver improved mental health and wellbeing services
  5. ensure parents are supported to provide the best start in life for their children
  6. respond or recover from COVID-19.

Focus areas

We will prioritise projects which have strong emphasis on:

  • health issues within sub-populations (e.g. women’s health, elderly wellbeing, disability, youth or LGBTQI)
  • collaboration with other Pacific community organisations and/or Pacific health providers
  • innovation and new ways of working.

Funding amount

Applications can be made for up to $25,000 (GST exclusive) for initiatives.

Funding term

Funding will be available until 30 June 2022.

Funding scope

Initiatives within scope for funding include (but are not limited to):

  • health and wellbeing expos or workshops (either one off or continuous)
  • health and wellbeing screening/awareness campaigns
  • fitness and wellness programmes (either one off or continuous)
  • holistic programmes which target multiple social determinants of health (eg health, education, social services)
  • initiatives which support community networking and partnerships with health providers.

The Fund can be used by Pacific community organisations to support programme or service delivery costs. Spending which is considered within scope of the Fund include:

  • project or programme delivery (eg venue or equipment hire, transport to event) 
  • contracting expertise where they are required for the delivery of the programme, and where the expertise does not already exist in the community (eg nurse/doctor services, trainers, evaluation/report writers).

Eligible organisations must be a legal entity and include:

  • non-for-profits
  • church groups
  • Pacific associations
  • community sports club with high Pacific community engagement
  • Pacific owned and registered charities or trusts.

Preferred experience sought:

  • Previous experience delivering health and wellbeing programmes at the community level
  • Previous experience working with or knowledge of local Pacific health providers/Pacific clinicians who can support proposed initiatives.

Out of Scope

The Fund will not cover:

  • creation of clinical/frontline health services (communities can partner with health service providers who can provide clinical expertise)
  • administration/ongoing facilities costs (eg rent, internet, power)
  • initiatives already being funded through another source.

The Fund will not be made available to:

  • Pacific health providers.

Indicative timeline

Applications open

18 June 2021

Information session with interested applicants to answer queries

5 July 2021

Deadline for applications

5pm 19 July 2021

Shortlisting of applications

Completed by 23 July 2021

Meetings scheduled with shortlisted applicants

Week beginning 26 July 2021

All applicants notified of results

20 August 2021

Expected contract start date

End of August 2021


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