Health TV documentaries

Te Kete Hauora and Health TV have worked together to create two short documentaries on Close Contact Infectious Disease (CCID) and Chronic Persistent Wet Cough (CPWC).

Cough free – the way to be

The CPWC documentary, titled Cough free – the way to be, explores the importance of identifying early a severe cough in your child, and how you can prevent the development of lung diseases such bronchiectasis.

You can watch this documentary on the If your child has a bad cough page in the YourHealth section.

Respiratory close contact infectious disease

The CCID documentary, titled Respiratory close contact infectious disease discusses the importance of personal hygiene and how it can be managed to prevent the spread of close contact infectious diseases. This is supported by research out of the He Kainga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme at the University of Otago, Wellington.

You can watch this documentary on the Stop the spread of disease page in the YourHealth section.

A further report, Close Contact Infectious Diseases in New Zealand, explores CCID and trends from 1989 to 2008.

Improving health literacy

Health literacy is the ability to understand basic health messages. These short documentaries were produced as part of an increasing focus in the health sector on health literacy. The report Kōrero Mārama – Health Literacy and Māori, describes the health literacy skills of Māori compared to non-Māori.

Part of the Ministry’s work programme to improve health literacy for Māori involves finding new ways to communicate health information effectively. Health TV delivers key health messages to Māori whānau through a medium that is relevant, informative, and easy to understand.

These two short documentaries are screening across the Health TV network in the waiting rooms of 77 health centres (general practices) around New Zealand. For more information, visit the Health TV website.

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