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The Innovation: Standing together and working together for the wellbeing of families at risk

The development and utilisation of tools which attempt to amplify the whānau and community voice is critical to ensuring services make a meaningful difference to whānau.

We amplify the voice of whānau to ensure the following:

  • that perspectives of whānau are made authentic and heard
  • that providers/whānau ora case managers are guided in good practice for working with whānau
  • that evidence is provided to inform funders of the opportunities to invest services to improve outcomes for whānau.

Read the full Maori Health Innovation Programme report on the National Hauora Coalition website.

About National Hauora Coalition

The National Hauora Coalition (NHC) began operating as a Primary Healthcare Organisation (PHO) in 2011. It was formed when a group of Māori PHOs decided to pursue a collective vision focussed on the health and wellbeing of their communities. Since then, the NHC has attracted over 60 GP practices and provides services to an estimated 202,000 people nationwide.  

Our view of health and wellbeing, as an inherent human right, attracted other service providers working with whānau and with families at risk. In alliance with a range of partners, the NHC has been able to add to the kete of knowledge about what works for whānau, building the evidence for future investment.


National Hauora Coalition
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Disclaimer: This page and the innovation it accompanies do not represent the views of the Ministry of Health. The views represented are those of National Hauora Coalition and the innovation piloted.

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