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The Innovation: Integrated Services Leader Project

The Trust’s vision, ‘Unleashing the Potential of People’ recognises that everyone at all levels within our organisation are a part of the Huakina internal whānau and have a critical role to play in ensuring that the whānau we service are provided with the best possible support to maximise their potential and realise their aspirations.

Our teams changed from being outputs driven by contracts to becoming outcomes focused for whānau. The aim of the Integrated Services Leader project was to advance the vision by leading a transformation change. This meant a huge behavioural adjustment in the way our organisation worked and interacted with all stakeholders.

The project involved designing, developing and implementing a series of integration phases. These focused on more effective ways of working together, internally and externally, collecting data differently, streamlining back office functions and collaborating with other NGOs and agencies.

The Senior Management Team take a proactive lead in continually reviewing any changes to ensure we continue to deliver a quality service of ‘Whānau Wellbeing – Whānau are healthy, safe, confident, informed, educated, aspirational and independent.’


Huakina Development Trust – The Integrated Services Project

[Maria Clarke, ISL Project Manager] Our project has been an organisation transformational change project.  Over the last four years we have designed, developed and implemented a series of plans and frameworks.  The plans consisted of a strategic plan, a business plan, a communications plan, a project plan, a service and organisational plan, and also a change management plan, and an evaluation plan.  The frameworks have been a Whānau Ora framework and an evaluation framework.  As an organisation we’ve reassessed ourselves.  We’ve reviewed, changed and consolidated tools and systems and processes we use. 

We also rolled out our model of care.  The overarching kōrero is “Manaaki tangata, manaaki whakapapa”.  Caring for people is caring for lineage – past, present and future. 

The process has been long, but it hasn’t been arduous.  All the staff have behaved in a whānau way, and we’ve nurtured that.  That’s what we want our organisation to be like. 

The biggest part is communication.  Change management is always hard, but communication is everything.  So nau mai, haere mai.



Huakina Development Trust – The Integrated Services Project                                                                                  

[Tim Tahapehi, CEO Huakina Development Trust] Huakina is the largest provider of health and social services in Franklin.  And because of our accreditation / certifications, we are the largest Māori provider operating in Counties Manukau. 

Many thanks to the Ministry of Health / Māori Health Innovation Fund.  The purpose of our project was to guide Huakina through a three-year internal transformational journey, so that the services become more integrated, coordinated and are of the highest quality.

The past year has been one of profound change, and the most significant change was this: in the face of a crisis we harnessed our strengths to face the challenges with solutions, focusing on the common good. 

Within the context of a changing environment, our response must be that we need to transition Huakina to the next phase.  The changes will therefore need to transform a newly-elected board; senior management team; operational staff; and our stakeholder marae. 

Consolidating the services over the term of our ISL project was our biggest challenge that we faced.  Communication has been our biggest improvement through the levels.  We have learned to put things on the table, and to deal with things there and then.  Previously turnaround was too slow.  Now this has improved.  Our services are more streamlined and we have let go of what wasn’t good. 

I’m mindful that the transformation journey will be challenging, but we are collectively energised by the promise of change – positive change that can lead on to sustainable relationships.



Huakina Development Trust – The Integrated Services Project                                                                  

[Wanda Kiel-Rapana, Human Resources Manager] I consider us lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of this project.  Māori Innovation from the ISL project was about restructuring – restructuring our position within the Trust.  This Integrated Services project, I could see would provide that user-friendly restructuring. 

To be able to work more effectively for our whānau, we needed to do it together.  It’s always been the philosophy of Māori to work holistically and that has always been part and parcel of everything that we’ve done.  In the things that we write about, in terms of our strategic plans and our business plans – it’s always been this is the way we do things.  We do things holistically, so we do things together.  But the reality was that we weren’t doing that.  We were working very effectively as individual services, but working in isolation of each other. 

So the whole innovative concept of the Integrated Services project was an exciting opportunity I guess, to move in a direction that would break down those restrictions and build a whole new way of working in a multi-serviced way where every door was the right door for our whānau.

I think that the retreat that the Trust went to, prior to the project coming our way, created the strategic and business vision for the Trust.  And out of that was born the idea.  It came along in a timely manner for us as well.  I was really amazed that all of sudden we had one wonderful, wonderful year, from the time the retreat happened when the senior management team was created which was brilliant.  I just absolutely loved that concept.  Because out of that senior management team was brought together a team of skilled people who drove the organisation forward. 

The fact that we were able to be guided by the developments that came out of the establishment of the Integrated Services project – totally supported that kaupapa happening.  So three years later down the track now, from where I’m sitting, I can now see those benefits.  What has also happened is that this project in particular, has enabled those who were part of the design team way back to take their view of it to another level.  So it’s really, really quite exciting.


About Huakina Development Trust

Huakina Development Trust is a marae-based organisation. It was set up in the late 1970s by kaumātua of the marae and papakainga of Te Pūaha o Waikato, Te Pou o Mangatawhiri and Te Pūaha ki Manuka (from Mangere to Mercer and coast to coast) to express their concerns about critical issues pertaining to whenua, awa and moana that directly impacted on Marae and whānau. 

From Environmental Science and Law, our organisation has expanded its services to Education, Homecare Support and Disabilities, Whare Oranga (health and wellbeing centres) based at several marae, Iwi Social Services, Kaumātua/kuia Services and Marae Hauora.


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Disclaimer: This page and the innovation it accompanies do not represent the views of the Ministry of Health. The views represented are those of Huakina Development Trust and the innovation piloted.

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