Mā te Mōhio 2021/22


The Māori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS) National Provider Training - Mā te Mōhio will help Māori health and disability providers (Providers) strengthen their knowledge and skills in kaupapa Māori approaches to service evaluation. The aim of Mā Te Mōhio is to give providers the skills and confidence to tell their stories about the impactful work they do for, and with, their communities through a series of eight one-day wānanga taking place in 2022.


MPDS supports eligible providers, and national associations who represent Māori providers and practitioners, to develop their capacity and capability to deliver effective health and disability services. Services are delivered predominantly but not exclusively to Māori.

For 2021/22, MPDS funding includes National Provider Training in service evaluation, which is an area in which many providers have sought development opportunities.

Partnering with Te Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

The Ministry of Health, in partnership with Te Wānanga o Awanuiārangi – Te Werohau (Te Werohau), will deliver Mā te Mōhio to providers who meet the MPDS eligibility requirements in 2022.

Mā te Mōhio will strengthen participants’ capability in kaupapa Māori evaluation. Providers will have the opportunity to learn a mātauranga Māori based approach to service evaluation. Participants in these workshops will be provided with tools and concepts that will help them evaluate their organisations' services to identify the Actions, Impacts, Outcomes and Opportunities evolving from their whānau services.

Mā te Mōhio is committed to shaping and sharing new and existing kaupapa Māori evaluation tools that will help sharpen a service’s content, delivery and design, as well as learning how to tell the story of change for whānau and community.

Photograph of two men
Eugene Rewi, Manager Māori Health Service Improvement (left) and Professor Te Kani Kingi, Executive Director – Research and Innovation at Te Werohau

Mā te Mōhio will give providers access to a range of collated learning materials, products and resources that support all aspects of service evaluation. From evaluation essentials to programme logic, wānanga will be framed within a kaupapa Māori approach that elevates mātauranga Māori and value systems in evaluation.

In practice, this means applying evaluation tools that deepen whānau stories of place, person and purpose. The intended result is that providers can undertake a robust kaupapa Māori approach to service evaluation.

About the name

The name Mā te Mōhio comes from this whakataukī that speaks to the journey of curiosity, knowledge and understanding in nurturing whānau wellbeing:

Mā te kōrero, ka mōhio,
Mā te mōhio, ka mārama,
Mā te mārama, ka matau,
Mā te matau, ka ora.

Through discussion comes awareness,
Through awareness comes understanding,
Through understanding comes knowledge,
Through knowledge comes wellbeing.

Is your organisation eligible to participate?

Providers who have been current and previous recipients of MPDS funding are eligible for this training.

Read the eligibility criteria on the MPDS page.


If you have any questions please email [email protected].

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