Web-based monitoring tool aims to speed up Māori health gains

A web-based monitoring tool, launched in June 2015 and designed by Dr George Gray, offers a comparison of all 20 DHBs against 16 specific Māori health indicators.

The Māori Health Plan Monitoring Tool provides information on performance trends, disparities between Māori and non-Māori, as well as links to seminars on ‘best practice’ by the nation’s top performers. The information is updated every 24 hours with the latest Ministry of Health data.

Presenting during the official launch of the tool, Dr Gray observed, ‘There are multiple examples of Māori having poorer health system experiences and that flows on to poorer outcomes and poorer life expectancy. Changing that requires ongoing performance improvement.’

‘DHBs can see whether the initiatives they are using against a certain indicator are working and if not they can try others,’ Dr Gray added.

The tool was praised by other speakers at the launch who commended the DHBs for committing to public scrutiny for the greater good of Māori health improvement and added that the tool graphically illustrates the disparity between Māori and non-Māori health outcomes in a way which has not been done before.

The tool is freely available online at Trendly.

Its development was sponsored by Tumu Whakarae (a collective of senior DHB Māori managers), in conjunction with Bay of Plenty, Capital & Coast, Hawke’s Bay and Waitemata DHBs.

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