Planning, resourcing and evaluation

Effective planning means that allocated resources will deliver the most successful health outcomes for Māori. Planning and resourcing should continue to be informed by whānau, hapū, iwi, communities and providers.

Processes around planning and allocation of resources must reflect a focus on areas that will best achieve Māori health gain. High-quality ethnicity data and comprehensive and timely health information are required to effectively plan, resource and deliver services that improve Māori health outcomes.

Robust evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of services for Māori is critical to this process. The evidence base that is generated must be used for effective planning and resourcing in order to drive continuous quality improvement.

More information

Regional Services Planning: How district health boards are working together to deliver better health services
This Ministry of Health webpage provides information on how district health boards are working together to deliver better health services for New Zealanders.

Better Public Services
This State Services Commission webpage provides information and updates on how Government agencies are working together and with communities to come up with innovative ways to deliver better public services.

Te Whiringa Ora/Care Connections
Te Whiringa Ora/Care Connections service works with local health and social services to connect each community’s existing health resources and to reduce the number of unplanned hospital admissions. It aims to empower people with long-term conditions to enjoy a higher quality of life and greater wellbeing

Ministry of Health evaluation reports
The Ministry of Health commissions independent evaluations of health initiatives. This webpage provides access to the reports of evaluations that have been undertaken.

The Health Quality & Safety Commission
The Health Quality & Safety Commission was established to ensure all New Zealanders receive the best health and disability care within our available resources. The Commission establishes baseline measures and indicators which can be used to assess the quality of the health and disability system.

The SHORE and Whāriki Research Centre
The SHORE and Whāriki Research Centre provides evaluation training and support for the public health workforce and community organisations with a public health focus.

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