Outcome/performance measures and monitoring

Improving Māori health is an integral part of work underway across the whole of the health system to make it work for all New Zealanders.

He Korowai Oranga provides direction to support the health system to produce the highest quality ethnicity data so that all areas of health can measure performance against Māori population health need.

The Government will continue to measure and monitor progress in Māori health at national, regional and local levels in order to drive continuous quality improvement in the development, design and delivery of services for Māori.

Outcome and performance measures are monitored via a number of reports, surveys and other accountability mechanisms that use health, socioeconomic and environmental indicators. Examples include:

  • annual progress reports on priority areas in the New Zealand Health Strategy and the Health and Independence report
  • DHB Non-financial Monitoring Framework and Performance Measures
  • District Health Board Regional Service Plans, Annual Plans and Māori Health Plans
  • Public Health Unit Annual Plans.

However, these mechanisms still may not give a complete picture because other programmes (outside the health and disability sector) may address health issues.

More information

Nationwide Service Framework Library
The Nationwide Service Framework Library is a collection of accountability documents, financial templates and resources, definitions, processes and guidelines for district health boards and the Ministry of Health that provide a framework for a nationwide consistent approach to the funding, monitoring and analysis of health services.

Health targets
This Ministry of Health webpage provides information on health targets – a set of national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services that reflect significant public and government priorities.

DHB Māori Health Plans and Health Needs Assessments
District health boards (DHBs) are required to improve the health of Māori and reduce health disparities for Māori compared to other population groups in New Zealand. This webpage provides Māori Health Plans and DHB Health Needs Assessment documents for all DHBs.

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