Mauri ora – healthy individuals

The concept of mauri ora captures the importance of the individual.

It sets the direction for the health system to ensure that Māori, as consumers of health services, have pathways to care that meet their immediate needs as well as their future needs across all stages of life.

Achieving mauri ora will mean that individuals have good health and that the health system works to ensure that the way it delivers services across the continuum, from prevention to treatment, is appropriate for Māori at all ages.

More information

The Health of Māori Adults and Children
This summary document presents key findings on the health and wellbeing of Māori adults and children. It shows the trends since the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS). The results are based on combined data from the 2011/12 and 2012/13 NZHS.

Ngā Ratonga Hauora Kua Mahia: Health service utilisation
This section from the Māori Health Report (chart book) includes data from different sources on Māori use of primary health services and Māori health providers.

Palliative Care and Māori from a Health Literacy Perspective
The report summarises two recent research report.  It focuses on gaining a better understanding of Māori experience of palliative care and issues of access


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